10 reasons why you should give up sugar

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Less sugar is officially the challenge focus for November. Making choices best for our health may not always be easy but it will always be worth it. 

Still not convinced you should join us for the November challenge? 

Here are 10 amazing reasons why you should say yes. 

  • Less bloat.
  • Better mood and mental health 
  • Less brain fog. 
  • Better digestion. 
  • Healthier heart 
  • Clearer skin
  • Brighter & healthier teeth
  • More energy
  • Weight loss

And my favorite reason... 

Breaking the addiction and control that sugar has on us can allow us to break off habits that prevent us from living free with Jesus. Sugar is a drug of sorts. Without thinking we can choose to fill a void, numb out, and escape through our food choices. Becoming aware of it and breaking the cycle allows us to recognize what we are doing and choose better options. 

P.S. Let's summarize why you should say yes to the challenge with these four words, okay? YOU WILL FEEL BETTER. 

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