When your relationship with God seems off... And He tells you to DELETE the app.

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There are times when I crave spending time with Jesus and there are times when I have to force myself to do it. Discipline matters so I'm proud of myself for doing it regardless but I also know that I truly want to want to. 

So, I asked Him. "Lord, why do I feel this distance? Help me get back to wanting to spend this time with you."  Little did I know He would give me a very direct response to that prayer. 

I heard Him say very clearly, "Delete the app." 

The truth is I had been feeling like I needed to delete it for awhile but it seemed harmless. I'd had the app on my phone for years but it had never been a problem and I barely ever played it. 

Watch this video I shared inside the Real Talk Tribe community for more on how I justified and tried to do my best to keep playing a stupid harmless game.

Obedience means more than me understanding. I know He knows more than I do and I trust Him. I didn't want to do it but I did it. And, now weeks later as I write this, I can tell you, He was right. The app was definitely getting in the way.

I hope this video encourages you. XO Melissa

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