Escaping from your life isn't living

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Truth: Serving is something I’m passionate about and it comes easy to me most of the time. However, every once in a while, I get in this place where I let the funk of depression hold me hostage and in doing so, it keeps me from showing up for others. 

During these times, I’m most likely hiding out in my bed binge watching an entire season of the latest and greatest reality show. It’s my way of checking out of life and avoiding my own reality. From Below Deck to Real Housewives, I’ve watched my share (and probably yours too) of the meaningless drama!

I’m not at all saying a good binge is bad. But, if you are doing it day after day, week after week, you are using it as an escape and it isn’t serving you. It’s also not allowing you to serve God or others. It’s keeping you stuck.  And, if you are stuck, you are never going to get on the other side of the thing or life you are wanting to escape.

So about serving others… For those of us who are struggling, in a funk or live with depression, studies prove serving others helps. Putting other people’s needs before your own helps you take the focus off of your problems. It also will let off some feel good chemicals in your brain aka ‘happy’ juice! 

We were created to serve others. It glorifies God. Show up and do something for someone else. 

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