Doing the uncomfortable, trusting God, and doing hard things. Caregiving, acknowledging the elephants in the room, and asking God to grow us in the Fruits of the Spirit.

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I invite you to take a listen of one of my most raw, unscripted, and powerful episodes of Priorities on Purpose, where I have a casual conversation about making the decision to hit pause and help care for my Grandma who was nearing the end of her life. I talk about how God set me free of my crazy fears once again and helped me become more loving and grow in gentleness.  

In this episode 18, I talk about:

  • Starting a conversation about uncomfortable topics (the elephant in the room).
  • Leaning into the things that are typically left unsaid and saying them out loud.
  • Allowing God to set us free of our fears and trusting Him.
  • Learning the difference between wisdom and fear and how to know what to do in those situations.
  • How to ask someone who is dying if they know where they are going when they die.
  • Reminders to give yourself permission to hit pause every once in a while when you need to process hard things. Most of the time we choose to neglect our main priorities because it feels safer and they will understand. Be intentional and live with your priorities on purpose.

P.S. The feedback from those who watched this FB LIVE tells me this episode is worth the extra time and the not-so-great sound quality. I hope you can listen and apply some of what I have been doing to your own life.

You can do hard things. And, you don't have to feel equipped and confident in it. Trust God to give you the supernatural strength to pull off whatever it is He is calling you to do. He will do it!


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