April Challenge: Get Outside

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"Imagine a therapy that had no known side effects, was readily available, and could improve your cognitive functioning at zero cost." That's just a few words from an old article I read from Business Insider. The person who said it was alluding to nature therapy. It's a thing. It works. And it is free. Join us this month and enjoy fresh air. 


Every month I challenge you to lean in and do something specific to become a better version of yourself.  For those who like to fast forward through and get the cliff notes version. This is for you! (Also, you are my people!)
We'd love for you to join us in the challenge & invite your friends. 
This month get outside and breathe some fresh air. Whether the sun is shining or it is pouring in the rain, mix things up. Don't be afraid to go out and dance in the rain. Also, if you do, snap a photo and share it inside the Real Talk Tribe community with us so we can cheer you on in this challenge.
Six reasons why we need to make getting outside a priority: 
1. It improves our mood. Fighting depression or anxiety? Get outside. 
2. Lowers blood pressure. Are those headaches you keep dismissing from your blood pressure or just because you didn't sleep well. Don't dismiss it. Do something about it.
3. Improves focus. Anyone else struggle with ADD or ADHD? Whether diagnosed or not, I'm telling you, getting outside makes a huge difference. 
4. Lessens brain fatigue. If you are up on a deadline, stressed, and trying to get something done, it may seem counterproductive to go outside. Do it anyway. More than likely you aren't getting much accomplished anyway. Your brain needs a quick break. 
5. More likely to exercise. Moving your body should always be a goal. Whether you go out for exercise or not, you will have to get up and walk out the door. That my friend is always a win! 
6. More creativity. When we fill our day & mind with so much noise, we do not have any margin for dreaming, creating, or hearing the voice of God. Put your phone down. Limit the distractions. And, be present with nature. 






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