Priorities & Boundaries: A message for high achievers who are always busy

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Do you consider yourself a high achiever? Or maybe you are someone who loves to be doing but you find yourself constantly biting off more than you can chew? Are you known as the 'yes' girl who loves helping others and volunteering? 

If yes, then you might be like my recent podcast guest, Sonya Smody from Set4Life, a participant in my free 12 Weeks to Success Workshop. She's a high-achieving single mom who navigates life with resilience and unwavering determination. Continually pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone, Sonya knows her calling and purpose. Sonya has gigantic goals and knows where she wants to go. She wants to become a life coach, create a course to help women grow in their relationship with Jesus, and write a book. 


Over-committing leads to neglecting our well-being and main priorities. It also limits the time we have to work on God-sized dreams.


During this laser coaching session in podcast episode 35, I work with her on setting boundaries and rebalancing her life to prioritize what matters most. Like Sonya, I challenge you to:

  • Understand how important prioritizing self-care and your well-being is in your daily routines.

  • Discover the impact of balance and boundary-setting on your daily peace.

  • Realize the consequences of saying 'yes' to all and its influence on others.

  • Grasp the underestimated importance of stillness and reflection in goal mapping.

  • Take time to do a life audit to see how you are spending your time and why.

  • Prioritize your goals - If you're struggling to figure out your goals or have trouble following through on them, this episode is precisely what you need. It will challenge you to reassess your goals and provide guidance on how to focus on what truly matters.

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We also discuss:


The Oxygen Mask Parable
You've probably heard the safety announcement about securing your own oxygen mask before helping others on flights, right? It's a brilliant metaphor to explain why personal care matters. If we can't breathe, we can't help others breathe. This principle applies to our day-to-day lives as well. For those of us who struggle to see our worth the way God does, this lesson is hard to learn and will lead to old habits if we aren't careful.


The Power of Moving Backwards
Our culture often romanticizes the notion of always moving forward and depicts taking even a single step back as a failure. But sometimes, you have to go backward to leap forward. It's like drawing back an arrow before letting it fly. Indeed, revisiting past experiences, re-evaluating priorities, and resetting the course of life can seem daunting. But it can also create necessary growing spaces and ultimately leads to healing if you allow God to help. Sonya openly discussed her fear of going backward in the podcast.


The Struggle with Priorities
You know that feeling when you keep piling on more than you can physically carry? Well, that's what we're talking about. A lot of people, just like Sonya, get caught up in a whirlwind of responsibilities. They believe they can handle everything that comes their way, from personal commitments to endless volunteering opportunities. Unfortunately, it becomes a vicious cycle of always saying yes, leading them to overlook their health and well-being. As one might imagine, this imbalance can take a massive toll on overall happiness and lead to long-term physical and mental exhaustion. From Sonya's perspective, her constant yes attitude initially seemed like a noble trait, one which made lending a helping hand to others a no-brainer. But, it came at a major cost.


The Martha Syndrome
In the biblical account of Martha and Mary, Martha was so wrapped up in serving guests that she missed out on the moment's joy. People, like Sonya, who find it hard to say no, often end up being the 'Martha.' They keep volunteering, serving, and giving until they are spent. While giving back and volunteering are valuable qualities, it's equally important to find space to be still and maintain main priorities. During the podcast, Melissa used the story of Mary & Martha to provide Sonya with a different perspective on her situation. Sonya, as an inherent doer and giver, admitted to being a 'Martha.' The challenge for Sonya now is to balance her 'Martha'-like willingness to serve with the heart posture of Mary.

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