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Spending hours hustling hard and spinning your wheels to work your business without seeing any lasting momentum?

I remember. Honestly, I wanted to quit, completely walk away and live broke because I felt like no matter what I was failing something or someone and it was exhausting! I know running a business & doing 'all the things' is hard.

Can I let you in on a secret? You don't have to do all the things to be successful. It's about knowing what you want, creating a plan, and doing more of the right things and less of the wrong things that will help you gain traction and move forward with momentum.

Is this bootcamp for me?

Let's do this!

What can I expect to get from this bootcamp?

Girl Boss Basics is an online four-day bootcamp that helps direct sellers build momentum and increase profits from online sales. Each day we'll dive deep into specific areas of your business to help you:

  • Set goals
  • Create a plan
  • Limit your inner mean girl
  • Find your authentic voice

After participating, you will find more confidence, focus, and excitement for your online business.

If you are ready for some tough love, real talk, and someone to speak life into you & your business, this bootcamp was built just for you!

Even though this bootcamp is now available on demand, we still recommend viewing it on four separate days. This gives you time to view, digest and implement all of the great information shared within the bootcamp!

Why learn from Melissa?

I've been in direct sales for 11 years, and have built that business into a 6-figure business from the ground up. So, it's fair to say that I know a thing or two about business. It is my dream to share the knowledge and skills I have learned with other girl bosses like you.

I will always be real with you. I am here to coach you and guide you while you build your business, but I'm not about fluff and sugar-coating. I want you to truly succeed and make your business what you want it to be. 

Don't get me wrong, girl. I will always give you advice and coach you towards your goals with a kind and caring heart, but sometimes, wanting you to succeed means having the hard conversations. 

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