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Quiet the noise.
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Are you ready to build an intentional and sustainable life as a Christian woman.  Enjoy monthly group coaching calls, an entire library full of masterclasses and templates and a community of like-minded women who will cheer you on as you lean in to what God wants for your life and business.

Whether you want to create impact through ministry, a non-profit, or a business, I want to partner with you to help you build momentum and your confidence.

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Do you feel God calling you to do something out of your comfort zone? 

Life hasn't been easy and you may not even know what the thing is God is calling you to but know this... It takes courage and action to find clarity.

You will always find your purpose when you chase after Jesus. One baby step at a time, you can do this.

I want to partner with you to help you create impact as you learn to quiet the noise, grow your confidence, and work through your limiting beliefs.

Together we can work to merge what you are currently doing with where God is taking you. You feel scattered and have a hard time focusing when you sit down to work and rarely know where to start.

What Others Are Saying About the Success Lounge

How can this group help me?

You'll work through your personal limiting beliefs.

You'll find YOUR voice and learn how to connect with your ideal audience to draw them in. 

You'll connect with others in the industry to grow your network and support your business.

You'll learn how to limit the noise and keep your priorities in order. 

You'll learn to do things in a way that puts God first and allows you to spend time doing what you love the most. 

You'll have an opportunity to be featured and spotlighted inside of our free community to build authority and get in front of new people.

What You'll Receive Each Month

New Training Every Month

We'll focus specifically on one key area with worksheets to help you along the way.

Group Coaching Calls

I'll answer all of your business and growth-related questions during our monthly group coaching calls.

Accountability Challenges

I'll help you stay focused on what is important by holding you accountable to take action.

Social Media Audits

I'll review your pages and help you show up authentically to get the most from your social media & blog.

Editable Canva Templates

Quick and easy templates that you can customize with your own branding to post on social media.

Hot-Seat Coaching

One-on-one personal coaching time to help you get out of your head and continue moving forward!

Why learn from Melissa?

Melissa is a stay-at-home-mama turned top six-figure direct sales leader who found herself exhausted, checked out of life, and sacrificing her mental health and main priorities to chase success, status, and money. (Unintentionally, of course!) She spent years putting the hustle in front of her marriage, her family, and her faith until she fell flat on her face.

Through that hard season, she learned to lean on God for peace, rest, and restoration. She is super passionate about entrepreneurship, stopping the stigma centered around mental illness, and helping women drop the shame surrounding the trauma of sexual abuse.

Today, she is a Christian life & business coach who loves helping women slow down, find their purpose, and lean in closer to Jesus to live the life He is calling them to.

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